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Welcome to Cupid's Store!

We are more than just a store, we offer FREE training and educational videos to help you attract the romantic relationships of your choice.  We firmly believe that people attract from life the thoughts they have about it.  

If you are having trouble finding love then visit our topics of discussion so that we can teach you what to think to get your romantic life on the right track.  This site is all about you and what you need to do personally within yourself to achieve the feelings necessary to get you what you want.  

We offer you confidence building advice that will not only crack you up but enlighten you at the same time.  We have developed & maintain our “Klassic Ghetto Fabulous Philosophy” for life and this philosophy had helped thousands of people improve the results they get in love, wealth and health.  


Featuring Da Cooch Lady
In her 2 part video training "How to Wash Dat Ass"

Da Cooch Lady wants to help save the world from FAS (Funky Ass Syndrome). 

Not only are these videos educational, they are also very funny.  We don't mean to make fun of people with personal hygiene problems but we do want to help them to be more socially aware by making sure that they have the latest info on how to maintain a clean smelling body. A MUST SEE!!!


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